Legal assistance in Ukraine

Criminal pre-trial procedures and court investigation. Legal assistance in Ukraine.

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The lawyer participating in criminal proceedings has the right to defend a suspect, an accused person (a defendant), represent interests of a victim, a civil plaintiff, a civil defendant, a private prosecutor, and provide legal assistance to a witness.

When resolving the issues related to criminal proceedings (detention, convoy, arrest), the detainee, the person suspected of committing a criminal offense, as well as his/her family should require prompting of a lawyer (defense attorney) in order to enter into an agreement with the lawyer (defense attorney) as soon as possible, preferably within 24 hours since the detention, because, when the defendant  has no qualified legal aid, he/she usually gives evidence that could be used against him/her or acts in a way that can significantly worsen his/her situation in the criminal proceedings.

When you need to as a lawyer for help in criminal cases.

When someone knocks on your door and says “Open, it’s the police”, and a subsequent search or arrest are expected.

When a person is detained with suspicion of having committed an offense.

When an investigator calls on the phone for questioning or requires to sign papers.

When you receive a summons to court and you do not know what should be done.

When the police puts pressure on you when you are charged with offenses that you have never committed.

When there is a risk of levying a distress on your property to secure a civil action.

What help we can provide in criminal proceedings.


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